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Facebook Like Foam Hand

Social networking sites are on the tip of everyone’s tongue online, but when you’re away from your computer do you miss those familiar colours and clickable buttons?Our lovingly cr


Blood Bath Hand Towel

What�s your blood type�splattered, spilled or splashed?Continuing our enormously popular Blood Bath Range, we�re proud (terrified?) to announce the coming of the gruesome Bloo


Oil Shower Gel 400ml (Cherry Scented)

Bath time has suddenly become very untraditional. Forget the incense sticks, the loofer and the rubber duck because with the new cherry scented Oil Drum Shower Gel, hygiene has become acceptably di


Tool Tank Multi-Tool

Right at the front line of utility tool solutions is our super handy mini Tool Tank, the cutest multi-tool key chain, featuring 3 screw-heads cleverly disguised within the tracks. Each screw-head a


CapZappa Bottle Opening Cap Launcher

Opening your drinks has just got mischievous. Impress your friends and onlookers with this nifty little bottle opener that not only opens your bottles with minimal effort but also doubles up as a c


Social Shower Curtain

Is taking a shower the only time when you�re not clicking away on social networking sites? Well now even this is possible with the Social Shower Curtain � the ideal gift for social networ


Facebook Like Key Chain

Give your keys a new lease of life, with our social media inspired key chain. Now you can have your mini ‘like’ every time you pull out your keys.Features:


Vodka Jelly Mould

Go right ahead and explore the idea of having a bottle of Vodka in every drink you feel the need to. A bottle of Vodka in Ice cube form that is, but a bottle of Vodka nonetheless.Combine thi


Novelty Gay Bar Soap

What would you prefer; a fight club or a gay bar? Well, whatever your preference, we’re sure you’ll love our kitsch, camp, queen of the bathroom � Gay Bar (of soap).Straight,


Comic Strip Photo Frame

What do Superman, Batman and your drunk friends all have in common? They’re all in comics! Relive the highlights of classic nights out with our action-packed Comic Strip Photo Frame. Jus


Blood Bath Butcher’s Apron

Some time ago, whilst chewing over a couple of bbq pork ribs, at one of Spinning Hat�s regular meat cook-up events, we started talking about how we could better show our appreciation for the a


King and Queen Salt and Pepper Mills

Made from 100% natural rubber wood with ceramic grinding mechanisms, our stylish set of salt and pepper grinders, modelled on classic King and Queen chess pieces will set your table apart from th


Money Maze

Everyone loves money. Everyone loves puzzles. Thankfully Money Maze is one of those brilliantly annoying gizmos that combines both of the above, as recipients must solve it in order to access whate


Like Coffee Mug

If you consider yourself “in a relationshipâ€� with coffee or often get “pokedâ€� by the desire for more caffeine then update your status with the original Like Coffee Mug.


Blood Bath Mat

Gruesome, bloody and absolutely offensive – the Blood Bath Mat is the perfect partner for the famous Blood Bath Shower Curtain. We don’t think that you can ever have enough blood and gore, as


Blood Bath Shower Curtain

When the shower curtain is scrunched closed, it looks like a pleasant, safe and normal shower curtain.�But upon opening, what should confront you but the scene of a horror movie massacre …


Blood Bath Shower Gel (400ml)

Meet the latest addition to the famous Blood Bath family - the Blood Bath Shower Gel. Now you can bathe yourself in true horror movie style and recreate your favourite scenes from Dracu


Like Tea Mug

If you consider yourself “in a relationship” with tea or coffee and often get “poked” by the desire for more caffeine, then update your status with the original Like Tea Mug.


Social Sticky Notes

As far as sticky notes go, we think that our Social Sticky Notes are the most useful tools for message taking around!� First of all, even if you are away from your social networking site you c