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Bluetooth Wireless Headset (White)

Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 Headphones with built-in microphone and controls. Listen to music on your phone, tablet, or PC without the need for a cable connection.Enjoy complete comfort when listenin


Universal Tablet Folio with Bluetooth Keyboard (10 inch iPad/Tablets)

Universal protective + Bluetooth 3.0 wireless keyboard case for 9 to 10 inch tablets including Apple’s iPad, Samsung’s run of larger Tablets, and large Windows OS tablets.Whatever tablet PC OS i


Wireless Presenter and Mouse (2-in-1)

Improve your presentation with this wireless presentation page scroller which comes with a laser and built-in 360 degree soft-mouse. With radio frequency technology, this wireless presenter allows you


Vertical Optical Mouse (Wired)

This unique Vertical Optical Mouse with 5 function keys is definitely a sensational experience for anybody. The minute you grab the mouse, it just feels so right. Its ergonomic design makes it fit int


3G USB Modem

3G USB Modem for high speed wireless internet at any time, any place – Compatible with Windows and Mac, this HSDPA Modem brings you wireless internet, everywhere.Allowing ultra fast 3G interne


Mini Optical Finger Mouse

This is a USB Photoelectric Mouse. With high sensitivity. It is suitable for many devices with USB port. It is easy to use and carry. 1200dpi resolution.Features:


Flexible Silicone Keyboard

Incredibly flexible PC keyboard made completely from quality silicon rubber. The ultimate in portable and durable, this is a key board that can go anywhere you go, take extraordinary amounts of abuse,


Toollogic ICE Lite LED

The ICE Lite is effortless to carry yet when needed you’ll find it’s amazingly useful. The 2″ stainless steel blade is razor sharp and serrated to cut through even the toughest materials. Credit card


Toollogic Survival Credit Card Tool SVC

This is one credit card that could literally save your life. The new Tool Logic Survival Card is packed with lifesaving features: A fixed blade serrated knife of tough AUS 8A type stainless s


Da Vinci Catapult

Get a deeper understanding of one of history’s great geniuses with this fully working, scale model of a Leonardo Da Vinci Catapult.Leonardo Da Vinci – artist, musician, writer, architect, invent


App Cufflinks Set (3 pairs)

Some people wear their heart on their sleeve – others wear their favourite Apps. This set of six cufflinks is perfect for the App-sessed. Choose to wear any combination of the Email, Message, Calend


Whistle Key Finder

Ever mislaid your keys? We know how frustrating and time consuming lost keys can be, but with our compact and stylish keyfinder you will never lose them again. At the sound of a whistle the Keyfinde


Secret Keyring

Losing your wallet can be extremely distressing, but this useful keyring�hideaway means that even if that happens, you’ll have enough backup cash available to get you home. The idea


Mini Wine Aerator

Desperate for a remedial tipple after a hard day’s work, people often forego letting wine breathe in the glass before taking their first sip. This stylish accessory aerates your wine as you pour so


Man Apron BBQ Apron

The Man Apron is the alfresco chef’s answer to Batman’s utility belt. This black apron comes with pockets to separately hold your beer, matches, phone, ketchup and mustard. Pop the apron on and aro


Wine Bottle Tool Set

Keep everything needed for a successful dinner party in one place with the wine bottle kit.� Cleverly concealed within a wine bottle, this accessory pack can inconspicuously sit am


USB Cup Warmer

With a USB Cup Warmer, you�ll never have to put up with drinking cold half-cups of tea or coffee again! The USB Cup Warmer is pretty self-explanatory � it plugs into your computer�s


Newton’s Cradle

Newton’s Cradle – Isaac Newton declared that ‘for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction’ – this toy offers the perfect demonstration of this fundamental law in an eye-catch


Grenade Mug

These grenade mugs are standard issue coffee equipment for Russia’s elite Spetznaz force. Well, actually that’s not true, but if they COULD choose their mug, we’re pretty sure this would be it!


Backwards Clock

Add a surreal and quirky touch to your home or office with a Backwards Clock!If you feel like time is running in reverse, this is the clock for you. The numbers go anti-clockwise and t


.50 Calibre Bullet Stylus

Lock and load with this blingest of touch screen stylus’! Shaped like a 50.calibre bullet, the emails and internet won’t have a chance as you blow them all away! The size and the shape of the bull


Book Safe Mini Lockable Safe

Keep your valuables secure with this ingenious book-lookalike safe. Not only does it keep your valuables under lock and key, but with its New English Dictionary cover it could easily be mistaken fo


Spy Pen Video Recorder (2GB)

Disguised as a fully working pen, this miniature video camera, is perfect for covert surveillance. If you need a spy camera that’s body mounted, there’s nothing easier or more discreet t


Armour LED Watch (Blue)

The unique armour style watch has no face – instead, concealed LED lights appear within the chinks of the bracelet to reveal the time at the touch of a button.The sleek, high gloss gun-metal fin


Space Coaster DIY Rollercoaster

With the ingenious Space Coaster you can build a spectacular, gravity-defying rollercoaster for… marbles! Featuring white-knuckle twists and turns, as well as a loop-the-loop, you can watch your mar


Melting Clock

Inspired by Salvador Dali’s work of art, ‘The Persistence of Memory’, this unusual Melting Clock looks like it could have come straight out of a surrealist painting! Designed to look


Magic Wine Bottle Holder

Display your prize plonk with the amazing gravity-defying Magic Wine Bottle Holder. The inspired holder draws attention to your vintage tipple by balancing it mid air, turning it into an interestin


Page Turner Lamp

Switch on the Page Turner Lamp for a uniquely retro desk light! You choose the design to best fit your mood! This Art Deco-esque reading light is USB powered and comes with 6 included d


Shot Glass Chess

Become a grand master with the Shot Glass Chess SetPit your wits against your opponent while enjoying a swift snifter with this stylishly designed shot glass chess set and board. Use it for


Tool Tank Multi-Tool

Right at the front line of utility tool solutions is our super handy mini Tool Tank, the cutest multi-tool key chain, featuring 3 screw-heads cleverly disguised within the tracks. Each screw-head a


Money Maze

Everyone loves money. Everyone loves puzzles. Thankfully Money Maze is one of those brilliantly annoying gizmos that combines both of the above, as recipients must solve it in order to access whate


Like Coffee Mug

If you consider yourself “in a relationshipâ€� with coffee or often get “pokedâ€� by the desire for more caffeine then update your status with the original Like Coffee Mug.


Like Tea Mug

If you consider yourself “in a relationship” with tea or coffee and often get “poked” by the desire for more caffeine, then update your status with the original Like Tea Mug.


Play More Notepad

The clever Play More Notepad features standard lined paper on one side, but on the other is a series of patterned prints that makes the page end up looking like everything from a soccer ball to