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Inflatable Roller Wheel

This inflatable kid-sized Roller Wheel has been designed with roly-poly fun in mind! It�s the perfect size for youngsters to climb through or roll around in and suitable for use both indoors a


Model Elastic Motor Plane

Experience the thrill of rubber band powered flight! Wind the propeller by hand and release this agile jet into the wind to see the little ‘pocket rocket’ fly over 60ft high or straight f


Drum Play Mat

Practise your beats with this all-in-one playmat!Play along to background music, feed in your own music via CD or MP3, or sing along with the microphone. The 8 built-in musical instrument so


Da Vinci Catapult

Get a deeper understanding of one of history’s great geniuses with this fully working, scale model of a Leonardo Da Vinci Catapult.Leonardo Da Vinci – artist, musician, writer, architect, invent


My Train Journey

 The ultimate in fantasy adventure: Mi Train Journey offers you all the mystery and thrill of rail travel without the tedium or expense of actually sitting on a train!Simply film a


Musical Play Mat

Become a one-man-band with this interactive Musical Playmat!Complete with MP3 input, speakers, microphone and different instrument sounds, the mat offers hands-on fun for kids of all ages an


Space Coaster (Glow in the Dark)

Have you ever had a toy that you wanted to stay up and play with all night? The beautiful and exhilarating glow-in-the-dark Space Coaster for marbles is one such hot item.Take the chall


Pinball Master

Featuring an automatic scoring panel, double flipper control, spring action bumpers and electronic scoring noises, this tabletop machine will turn you into a Pinball Wizard faster than you can say


Space Coaster DIY Rollercoaster

With the ingenious Space Coaster you can build a spectacular, gravity-defying rollercoaster for… marbles! Featuring white-knuckle twists and turns, as well as a loop-the-loop, you can watch your mar