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Mayan Countdown Clock

Not long to go now! Hadn’t you better start counting down till the end of the world?It’s a big task, and you probably have a lot of other stuff to cross off your list before Dec 21, so we ha


Frying Pan Clock

Get kitsch in the kitchen!Isn�t it about time that the Great English Breakfast got the recognition it deserves? Well, with this homage to the great fried egg, some would say it has been


DIY Clock (Black)

Who says telling the time has to be boring?� With this new clock design you can create your own unique style. The DIY Clock gives you the chance to design a clock that suits your ow


Backwards Clock

Add a surreal and quirky touch to your home or office with a Backwards Clock!If you feel like time is running in reverse, this is the clock for you. The numbers go anti-clockwise and t


Armour LED Watch (Blue)

The unique armour style watch has no face – instead, concealed LED lights appear within the chinks of the bracelet to reveal the time at the touch of a button.The sleek, high gloss gun-metal fin


Melting Clock

Inspired by Salvador Dali’s work of art, ‘The Persistence of Memory’, this unusual Melting Clock looks like it could have come straight out of a surrealist painting! Designed to look