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Spy Pen Video Recorder (2GB)

Disguised as a fully working pen, this miniature video camera, is perfect for covert surveillance. If you need a spy camera that’s body mounted, there’s nothing easier or more discreet t


USB Voice Recorder

Take notes or record conversations with this small and subtle USB Voice Recorder. Looking just like a USB data stick, this voice recorder is the perfect pocket-sized way to record discr


USB Snake Scope

Whether you’re a 007 wannabe or you’re just dying to see what treasures lurk down the back of your sofa, this clever live-stream spy cam will assist you in your quest. Thanks to its 100%�water


Mini DV Camera

This thumb-sized cam has got to be in the running for title of the Smallest Video Camera in the World! Yet despite its dinky stature, it still packs a punch in the recording stakes!The Mini