Remote Control

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Smartphone Controlled RC Ferrari Enzo

Turn your smartphone into the controller for this detailed RC 1:50 Ferrari Enzo just by downloading the free Driving App!�With real working headlights, an authentic Ferrari Dashboard controlle


RC Helicopter – Gyro Apache

The super-responsive Gyro Helicopter takes infrared control flight to new levels! A 3-channel control system coupled with in-built gyro technology means that flying has never been so easy or precis


RC Helicopter – Glow In The Dark Helicopter

The sleek and stylish RC Glow Helicopter is the first of its kind – a remote control helicopter that glows in the dark. But as well as looking the part, day or night, it also has a 3 channel contro


RC Helicopter – Gyro Flyer (Black)

The search is over! The addition of gyroscope to a metal alloy helicopter and the legendary Thumbs Up three channel control system has resulted in the ultimate in RC flight! The secret to the ease


Smart Control Sky Helicopter

The Smart Control Sky Helicopter is a little more James Bond than your regular flying machine! The Smart Link Control device turns your smartphone into the controller so that you can do some precis


RC Helicopter – Gyro Stealth Attack

As if piloting remote control helicopters wasn’t fun enough, this 3-channel military-inspired number comes with a built-in missile launcher too! Complete with a super-bright LED and


RC Helicopter Gyro – Sky Car

The ingenious Gyro Sky Car takes remote controlled fun to new heights � quite literally! Complete with four wheels (hence the ‘car’ bit) and a series of propellers (ye


Gyro Flyer RC Helicopter

Yes, we realise most R/C helicopters are not that easy to fly. Here at even the most accomplished pilots have come a cropper, smashing headfirst into our Airwolf shrine, lopping off the boss’s top


RC Helicopter- Gyro Dynamite

The ultimate in RC entertainment – not only does this infrared controlled helicopter look the business; it offers pilots a sleek, stable, ultra-smooth flying experience.The 3 channel helicop


Sky Fly RC Helicopter

Featuring a super-bright LED on its nose section and trim function for steady flying, the small but perfectly formed RC Sky Fly is a great choice for indoor search and rescue missions!A


Remote Control Robot Arm Kit

It used to be the case that anyone who wanted to create a robot from scratch would require a degree from MIT (an awfully distinguished US University and not a misspelt glove), more tools than yo