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The Balcony BBQ

Inner-city life, inner-city pressure, the lack of space to grill is starting to get ‘yer.Living in the City certainly has many perks but it does mean that not everyone has the luxury of boundles


Das Horn Viking Drinking Horn

Tired of drinking from pint glasses, flasks or – heaven forbid – gold chalices? Try DAS HORN. Feel like a viking conqueror without all the “I’m drinking out of an elephant tusk� guilt!


iPower Mobile Power Station for iPod® and iPhone®

The i3G Power Station is a handy pocket-sized iPhone or iPod backup battery pack.Recharged via your usual USB charging cable, the pack is the perfect solution for heavy iPhone users that nee


Emergency Phone Charger

This pocket-sized phone charger couldn’t be simpler to use – just insert one AA battery and plug it into your mobile phone for an extra two hours talk time wherever you are! Not only that, it’s com


iPad Aqua Case

This form-fitting waterproof case safeguards your precious iPad from the elements! If you hate to be parted from your iPad but deem it too precious for certain scenarios � think


Pocket Fishing Rod

You’ve never got a fishing rod on you when you want one. Oh how we remember all those times strolling along the banks of the Limpopo, when up pops the fin of a marlin, or perhaps we hear the splash


Aqua Bag for iPhone

Easily protect your Smartphone from water, sand and snow with this conductive splash proof cover. These durable PA/PE plastic zip-lock bags are designed to safeguard your iPhone fr


Pocket Hammock

Laze like you’re on a desert island paradise with this luxurious and practical hammock.Once you get in this bliss inducing hammock chances are you’ll never want to get out again. Spend long


Man Apron BBQ Apron

The Man Apron is the alfresco chef’s answer to Batman’s utility belt. This black apron comes with pockets to separately hold your beer, matches, phone, ketchup and mustard. Pop the apron on and aro


Smart Emergency Charger

With this lightweight battery-powered Emergency Charger, you�ll never again have to worry about your smartphone running out of juice whilst away from a mains outlet!If you get caught wi