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Space Coaster (Glow in the Dark)

Have you ever had a toy that you wanted to stay up and play with all night? The beautiful and exhilarating glow-in-the-dark Space Coaster for marbles is one such hot item.Take the chall


Waterproof Aqua Mood Light

Create ambience with this colour-changing waterproof LED light: let it shine out from flower vases, water features or even your bathtub!Set the stage for an ambient evening at your next soir


LED Message Badge (Blue)

Wearing a scrolling badge is the best way to identify or express yourself to other individuals. Really make an impression and be recognised for your uniqueness. They look really cool in the dark an


Retro 80s Plasma Ball

Enjoy the electrifying display of the classic Plasma Ball in your own home!You may remember this retro classic from the 1980s – and its popular appeal hasn’t faded. In fact, the pl


AstroStar The Magic of Starlight Indoors

AstroStar – The magic of starlight indoors!These days, light pollution in our towns and cities means that far too many of us miss out on the beauty of seeing the stars twinkling in


Armour LED Watch (Blue)

The unique armour style watch has no face – instead, concealed LED lights appear within the chinks of the bracelet to reveal the time at the touch of a button.The sleek, high gloss gun-metal fin


LED Gloves

As iconic looks go, Michael Jackson’s white glove is up there with James Dean’s leather jacket and Marilyn Monroe’s billowy frock, but we think we’ve taken it to the next level with these funky lig