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The Balcony BBQ

Inner-city life, inner-city pressure, the lack of space to grill is starting to get ‘yer.Living in the City certainly has many perks but it does mean that not everyone has the luxury of boundles


Das Horn Viking Drinking Horn

Tired of drinking from pint glasses, flasks or – heaven forbid – gold chalices? Try DAS HORN. Feel like a viking conqueror without all the “I’m drinking out of an elephant tusk� guilt!


Ceramic Camera Lens Cup

If you like a bit more substance to your morning coffee mug, look no further than the Ceramic Camera Lens Cup.This Mug is made out of quality ceramic and is designed to look just like a real cam


Bluetooth Wireless Headset (White)

Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 Headphones with built-in microphone and controls. Listen to music on your phone, tablet, or PC without the need for a cable connection.Enjoy complete comfort when listenin


Whistle Key Finder

Ever mislaid your keys? We know how frustrating and time consuming lost keys can be, but with our compact and stylish keyfinder you will never lose them again. At the sound of a whistle the Keyfinde


Camera Lens Mug

Take a few tasty shots of espresso with the Camera Lens Mug. Designed to look and feel just like a regular camera lens, this detailed mug is great for the office or bringing the world into focus first


Retro 80s Plasma Ball

Enjoy the electrifying display of the classic Plasma Ball in your own home!You may remember this retro classic from the 1980s – and its popular appeal hasn’t faded. In fact, the pl


Man Apron BBQ Apron

The Man Apron is the alfresco chef’s answer to Batman’s utility belt. This black apron comes with pockets to separately hold your beer, matches, phone, ketchup and mustard. Pop the apron on and aro


Wine Bottle Tool Set

Keep everything needed for a successful dinner party in one place with the wine bottle kit.� Cleverly concealed within a wine bottle, this accessory pack can inconspicuously sit am


Pinball Master

Featuring an automatic scoring panel, double flipper control, spring action bumpers and electronic scoring noises, this tabletop machine will turn you into a Pinball Wizard faster than you can say


USB Cup Warmer

With a USB Cup Warmer, you�ll never have to put up with drinking cold half-cups of tea or coffee again! The USB Cup Warmer is pretty self-explanatory � it plugs into your computer�s


Flip Clock

This retro classic looks great in any modern home or office � and, let�s face it, nothing is more suspenseful than waiting for the minute to change on a flip clock….Click! You just can�


Remote Control Candle Set (pack of 2)

These LED candles make allow for cool and safe atmospheric lighting. Almost identical to real white candles, they’re lit by a battery powered internal LED, so there is no danger of burning your fi


DIY Clock (Black)

Who says telling the time has to be boring?� With this new clock design you can create your own unique style. The DIY Clock gives you the chance to design a clock that suits your ow


Magic Keyholder

If your morning routine regularly includes a frantic search for your keys (let’s face it, those pesky little bits of metal can give Houdini a run for his money in the disappearing stakes) this sle


Newton’s Cradle

Newton’s Cradle – Isaac Newton declared that ‘for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction’ – this toy offers the perfect demonstration of this fundamental law in an eye-catch


Plunger Magnets

You might not be able to unblock the sink with them, but these cute plunger magnets will liven up any fridge.Great for putting as original corner magnets for those special photos on your fri


Grenade Mug

These grenade mugs are standard issue coffee equipment for Russia’s elite Spetznaz force. Well, actually that’s not true, but if they COULD choose their mug, we’re pretty sure this would be it!


Backwards Clock

Add a surreal and quirky touch to your home or office with a Backwards Clock!If you feel like time is running in reverse, this is the clock for you. The numbers go anti-clockwise and t


Maze Toilet Roll

Make your bathroom a more interesting place with this novelty toilet roll.Featuring a maze puzzle printed directly onto the sheets it gives you or your visitors something to pass the t


Clock Safe

Got something to hide? Consider this fail-safe location for your secret stash. The normal working clock face of this inconspicuous hideout conceals a generous hollow space behind in whic


.50 Calibre Bullet Stylus

Lock and load with this blingest of touch screen stylus’! Shaped like a 50.calibre bullet, the emails and internet won’t have a chance as you blow them all away! The size and the shape of the bull


$100 Toilet Roll

Do you wish you were rich enough to flush money down the toilet? Now you can with this authentic looking $100 bill toilet paper. If you want to show your contempt for currency and feel


€200 Toilet Roll

Have you ever wished you were rich enough to flush money down the toilet? Yes? Well, now you can be� with the authentic looking 200 Euro bill toilet roll.Alternatively, maybe you�d


Potty Putter

What better time to practise your putting than when you are on the loo?A perfect gift for golf lovers -�this mini golf set is just the right size to convert any bathroom into a mini put


Book Safe Mini Lockable Safe

Keep your valuables secure with this ingenious book-lookalike safe. Not only does it keep your valuables under lock and key, but with its New English Dictionary cover it could easily be mistaken fo


Yo Mama Toilet Roll

Replenish your arsenal of put downs and cusses with the hilarious Yo Mama Toilet Roll.��There is no better way to pass time on the toilet than by perusing these fantastic Yo Mama t


Sudoku Toilet Roll

We all know that having a sit down can be a time consuming and boring process. Some people read, others sing. Why not play Suduko with your loo paper? Contemplate not constipate! Suduko is dangerou


Melting Clock

Inspired by Salvador Dali’s work of art, ‘The Persistence of Memory’, this unusual Melting Clock looks like it could have come straight out of a surrealist painting! Designed to look


Page Turner Lamp

Switch on the Page Turner Lamp for a uniquely retro desk light! You choose the design to best fit your mood! This Art Deco-esque reading light is USB powered and comes with 6 included d


Blood Bath Hand Towel

What�s your blood type�splattered, spilled or splashed?Continuing our enormously popular Blood Bath Range, we�re proud (terrified?) to announce the coming of the gruesome Bloo


Oil Shower Gel 400ml (Cherry Scented)

Bath time has suddenly become very untraditional. Forget the incense sticks, the loofer and the rubber duck because with the new cherry scented Oil Drum Shower Gel, hygiene has become acceptably di


Social Shower Curtain

Is taking a shower the only time when you�re not clicking away on social networking sites? Well now even this is possible with the Social Shower Curtain � the ideal gift for social networ


Comic Strip Photo Frame

What do Superman, Batman and your drunk friends all have in common? They’re all in comics! Relive the highlights of classic nights out with our action-packed Comic Strip Photo Frame. Jus